Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Love My Kids' Daddy

Many months ago I posted this photo of Jason and the little guy and wrote about how Jacob loves to imitate his daddy.

Not much has changed. It is not uncommon to see Jacob digging with his Daddy, pulling weeds with his Daddy, eating cereal with his Daddy, or eating other foods just because Daddy does.

Actually, it's not just Jacob. Imitating Daddy seems to be a big-time habit for all of the kids.

And he's a good Daddy. He is loving. He is playful. He teaches. He provides. He lets them know how important they are to him and to God. He prays for them. He has a desire to see them grow in the Lord. He hangs out with them. He helps them. He disciplines them. He laughs with them.

See, he tries to imitate His Father, too.

Perfect? Of course not.

But he is the father of my children and the man I love, and I'm so happy to be sharing my life with him.

Happy Father's Day to my hubby!

And Happy Father's Day to you too Dad!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Dedication

Yesterday was the day when we publicly dedicated Evan to the Lord. We, along with ten (I think) other families in our church, presented our infants and vowed to raise them in the knowledge of the Lord. It was really great because the service included a vow from the church and from extended family in supporting us as we strive to teach our children the ways of God.

I really appreciated the opportunity to do that publicly, although Jason and I, with each of our children, have done so privately on the night they were born. We do not take this lightly. Have you ever thought about the implications of this act?

I have.

I have wondered so many times what it will mean for our family.

It may mean that they will move far away from us one day.

It may mean that they will have to suffer consequences of sin committed.

It may mean that they will be used in a manner in which I personally would not choose for them (because of selfishness).

It may mean pain.

It may mean discipline.

It may mean suffering.

But despite how it sounds, we are not turning our children over to an inflictor of pain. We are entrusting them to the Good Shepherd.


It WILL mean blessing.

It WILL mean joy.

It WILL mean peace.

It WILL mean life - abundant.

Those are the things we desire for our children. We desire for God to use them for His glory.


The very human side of me is frightened by that. There is something about relinquishing control that is both freeing and frightening. But His grace is sufficient, and His purposes are good. He doesn't call us to something and just leave us hanging. He gives us the means by which to pass through and thrive. I know that's big talk coming from someone like me whose oldest child is still in single digits. But I trust HIM. I really do. I trust Him so much that I give Him my most prized possessions on earth, for it is He who entrusted them to me in the first place.

Will I still worry about my kids from time to time? Unfortunately (yet honestly), yes. I often times struggle with forgetting that they are in God's hands. But my ever loving and patient Father is working in my heart about that.

Thank you God for our kids. May they be vessels that are filled with the knowledge of You and the truth of your Word. May they learn to pour themselves out daily so that Your Spirit will fill their lives. May they walk in your grace, and may their lives be a testament to Your glory......