Monday, February 8, 2016

Signs of Life

Stumble out of bed.
Brew Coffee.
Fix myself a piece of toast with honey.
Sit in "my" chair.

Grab my Bible.
Begin to pray.
Try to tame some wandering thoughts.
Back to praying.

Thank God for another day.
Ask for guidance,
For strength and patience.
Beg my Father for wisdom. 

He is so faithful.

Read awhile.
Hear footsteps.
Time alone interrupted.
Share "my" chair.

Talk a bit.
Answer questions.
Read together now.
Answer more questions.

Hear "I'm hungry".
Not ready to stop reading.
Close my Bible.
Make breakfast.

A reading incomplete.
Not exactly how I'd planned.
Thankful for these signs of life.
Time well spent, alone and otherwise.